• We currently have 1022 tree videos available in our virtual tree nursery in 252 varieties.
  • There are 723 Medium trees, 217 Large trees and 82 Instant trees available online today.

We currently have over 120,000 trees available on our nursery.
We have initially selected our favourites for our Buy The Tree You See website and although this range will continue to expand, not all of our trees are available here.
If you cannot find the tree(s) you are looking for please fill in our contact form or telephone 01353 720 950 to check availability directly with a member of the Barcham Team.

Bringing our tree nursery to your home : Buy the video tree you see online

Buying from Barcham online direct from our tree nursery couldn't be easier. Find a tree suitable for your garden using our selector above by common name, latin (botanical) name and size.

To start your selection, use the scroll above to select the first letter of the common name of the tree you would like to view.

If you are unsure about which trees meet your needs e.g. is the tree too big for my garden? - then use the "Find Tree by Search" tab and refine your search using additional criteria like feature, location, soil type and size.

Choose your tree and watch any of the available videos for it... You can see the height, shape, quality and health of the tree that will be delivered to you upon purchase. We have provided a person in each video to help you by giving a realistic scale for the tree in the "real world".

See a tree you like - click "Buy This Tree". The tree in the video is the one that you will actually buy!